Scholar (ˈskä-lər): A person who has done advanced study in a special field.

Middle English scoler, from Old English scolere & Anglo-French escoler, from Medieval Latin scholaris, from Late Latin, of a school, from Latin schola. 

(Source: Miriam-Webster Dictionary Online)

Escolar (ɛs.ko.ˈlaɾ): Perteneciente o relativo al estudiante o a la escuela.

Proviene del latín que se origina de scholaris. Es un vocablo formado por schola,  con el significado de escuela.

(Source: Real Academia Española)

I decided to name this blog Scholar Escolar for two reasons:

  1. It reflects the idea behind the blog to be a place where foreign graduate students in Spain find the community and resources that they need to survive and thrive…or at least make to graduation alive (scholars en España). 
  2. It ties in well with my personal and academic research interests. I enjoy learning about the role language plays at school, with my current focus of study being innovative language teaching and learning methodologies. Since I’m based in Spain, I conduct and disseminate research in both English (Scholar) and Spanish (Escolar).

Also, I really like the way the semi-alliteration sounds (full alliteration if you say it with a Spanish accent).

As further proof of my interest in language (in case there were any doubts), I have a small schwa tattoo.

 I got it very enthusiastically my senior year of college, after taking a class on the history of the English language. Hearing people unfamiliar with IPA take stabs at guessing what it means has become something of a pastime, especially when the conversation well runs dry. They’ve guessed everything from the name of an ex-boyfriend to the number e.
(Image Source: Margaritas Ante Porcos)

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