In the spirit of helping the next generation of PhD-ers as well as those who, like me, have already begun to wade into in the deep end, over the next few weeks, I am participating in a sort of academic tell-all. Hopefully my experiences (or lack thereof) will prove to be of some use to those looking to do the same, particularly those toying with the idea of coming to Spain.


Rather than attempting to explain the concept and butcher it in the process, I’ll borrow the words of The Lit Scholar, organizer extraordinaire, who said it best:

Grad students from all over the world are coming together to demystify the PhD for us with a #PhDTag. Many people asked questions, and an amazing cohort of PhD students have gathered to answer your questions on Instagram, YouTube, and on their personal blogs… Over the next two weeks, this amazing group of people will be conversing with y’all about their life as academics, researchers, instructors etc.

You can look forward to answers to questions like:

How did you end up studying…what is it that you study again? 

How do you maintain quasi-healthy habits? 

What do you wish you knew before you decided to do such a crazy thing? 

What has been the hardest thing since starting? 

In the meantime, take a look at the PhD section of Scholar Escolar or at the Case Studies series to see what other people are saying about going to graduate school in Spain.

Also make sure to check out what others have started saying about their own experiences. They are an inspiring group of leading ladies from around the world leaving their mark on their different disciplines, which range from evolutionary biology in New Zealand to climate change policy in the UK.

Absolutely Elisabeth, Academique RoseAverage GradBookworm in GhGraduate PerspectiveKaitlyn MaeThe Lit ScholarMariel FreshMason and MilesNerd to FitOkidokibokiPeace with ShaPhD MumScholar CultureSujaneeYeka Science

Update: check out the full #PhDTag series Healthy Habits (What are those?), PhDroductivity, Getting Up Close and Personal

(Photo: The Lit Scholar)

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