I’m Joyce. I used to get paid to count to 10 and read The Gruffalo over and over again but in 2016, I took the grad school plunge. I now dedicate my time to more highbrow activities, like counting to 20 and reading academic papers.

For the last six years, I have been a teacher, lesson planner, curriculum designer and professional shoe tier in the US as well as Spain. I am an advocate of Project-Based Language Learning, though I personally enjoy filling in grammar workbooks.

I have an MA in Multilingualism and Education from the Universidad del País Vasco in San Sebastián and I am currently a PhD student in Language Education at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. So, you could say that I dig languages. And teaching. Hence the blog name.

I first came to Spain as a doe-eyed study abroad student in 2013 and have lived here continuously since 2014. I am intimately acquainted with the Alhambra, the Madrid Metro system and Basque sagardotegiak.

Scholar Escolar is a resource for those looking to jump into the swamp that is Spanish higher education and a space for those of us who are already submerged to share our experiences and commiserate. Graduate school can be lonely, but knowing that someone else is in the same boat helps.

Also, I’m from Hawaii. But if I hear you singing that Mecano song, we’re through.

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